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Q: What container options are available for receiving products? 
A: Hicharm strives to meet all of our customers; needs and provide packaging according to those needs. We offer standard packaging in 5 gallon pails, 15 gallon carboys, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, and tankwagon quantities. Hicharm Surface Technologies will address all of our customers; special needs accordingly. Our tote program is second to none.
Q: What can be recommended to save energy? 
A: Hicharm Chemicals technical personnel can offer many solutions to help save energy. A few examples would be: low temperature products, air-dried (dry-in-place) products, and combining operations to decrease the number of heated stages. Give us the opportunity to find energy savings in your operation!
Q: I am currently a chrome user and want to switch to a chrome-free process. If this is done, will I still be able to comply with the A.A.M.A. Spec? 
A: Absolutely! Chrome-free is now allowed under the A.A.M.A 2603, 2604, and 2605 specifications. It is still necessary to work with both your pretreatment and paint supplier to insure you meet the performance standards.
Q: Is there any control and data acquistion equipment available to help me meet the stringent requirements of QS9000 or ISO 900l:2008?
A: Hicharm carries a full line of process control and data acquisition equipment capable of fulfilling the stringent requirements of QS and ISO. This equipment is also helpful in providing the documentation that is necessary to meet your customers certifications.
Q: Is there any way to shorten our process without affecting quality? 
A: Look to consolidated processes by utilizing new technologies that can decrease the number of chemicals used in your pretreatment process. An example would be a "dry-in-place" technology. Challenge us!
Q: How can I save on water usage? 
A: A water saving program includes new technology products and a host of other mechanical and chemical methods that can reduce water usage up to 60%.
Q: What can be done to lower our costs? 
A: Hicharm Research & Development and Technical Service groups have reduced costs at many accounts by supplying solutions that not only result in direct chemical cost reduction, but also reduced energy demand and environmental costs. Our eye is on opportunity cost savings.
Q: What solutions are available to eliminate our waste treatment? 
A: Hicharm has developed products and processes that reduce water usage resulting in less treatment. Hicharm has also been effective in eliminating products that produce toxic and/or hazardous sludge and/or by-products when treated. Ask our sales technical sales representatives.
Q: What technology is being developed to advance our product line in the future? 
A: Hicharm product development group is meeting the industries needs through developing

products that result in:
Lower costs 
Improved quality 
Improved worker safety 
Fewer environmental concerns 
Assist in continuous improvement efforts. 
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